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Dan Gaynor’s Book

Heart And Hands Cover art

The Heart And Hands Of Leadership: The Twelve Timeless Practices Of Effective Leaders. 160 pages, Kingsley Publishing

 In The Heart and Hands of Leadership, Dan Gaynor, formerly a leading media executive, shares a lifetime of transformational leadership experience. This highly engaging book leaves readers with practical skills they can put to use right away. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions, ideal for personal reflection or group study.

Part one, (The Heart), examines changing workplace values, the power of character, motivations and the importance of relationships. Part two, (The Hands), offers the twelve timeless practices that have always underpinned great team building leadership.

Here is what people are saying:

  • “The Heart and Hands of Leadership has inspired me to be a better leader and a better follower.” (Jeff McCaig, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Trimac Transportation Ltd.)
  • “Finally a perspective that understands the delicate balance of leadership!  Dan has captured the changing dynamics of leadership in today’s workplace and makes an irrefutable case for the power of authenticity and caring when coupled with high expectations and accountability. ” (Dr. Lucy Miller, President and CEO, United Way of Calgary and Area)
  • “Dan truly captures the essence of leadership in this book.  Anyone who thinks they are a leader or has influence over any other human, should read this book.” (Clark Grue, President and CEO, Rainmaker Global Business Development)
  • “As I get to know myself as a leader it becomes clearer that messages such as those so elegantly and clearly expressed here by Dan Gaynor are the signposts I need to follow to keep on the track to truly becoming a high performance leader.” (Alan Tennant, CEO, The Calgary Real Estate Board)

Get your copy of the softcover or the E-Book, available for Kindle, Kobo and iBooks.

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